Ana tumacder – Marian Catholic High School
I heard about Effort Performance from a friend. I went to Effort for strength, agility, and speed, and I improved in all aspects. Also, was having knee pain, which another trainer could not explain, and Effort Performance was able to find the problem and correct it. Now I play my sport without pain. Effort Performance makes working out enjoyable as well.

Alexa Sherlund – Lake Central High School 
Effort has helped me a lot to become a better athlete. The treatments are really helpful and the exercises and therapy has healed my body from injuries. It has also helped me with my coordination too If you’re looking for a personal trainer and conditioning coach, Audric can help you reach your goals!

Kylah Nicholson – Merrilville High School
Effort is special to me because it is giving me the opportunity to do gymnastics and compete without having to hold back because of an injury. Without this program I would not be where I am today. Plus it has the best trainer ever.

Jessi kiefor – Ball State University 
After having 3 surgeries, my doctor recommended seeing an athletic trainer. Effort was the perfect fit for me. I received fantastic rehabilitation on both legs, and was then able to get stronger. Because of my vigorous training at Effort, I now play my sport with 0 pain and have the hardest overhand throw on my collegiate team as a freshman. I always give credit to Effort for helping me pass my running test with ease.

Emma Robustelli – Lake Central High School
I discovered Effort when my friend, Lauren Middleton, posted a picture of her training session on social media. I thought it was so cool and wanted to join in on the fun. I started training at Effort last April, and am very happy with my results so far. Audric Warren is an excellent athletic trainer and has helped me improve not just my athletic abilities, but my confidence as well. Audric has also strengthened my weak knees by using unique types of therapy/different strengthening exercises that have helped tremendously with my athletic performance. The environment at Effort is so welcoming and very enjoyable. We are all a family that care for each other and help one another to strive for success.

Lauren Middleton – Lake Central High School 
Effort has made me physically and mentally stronger in the past year that I have trained here. It has played a huge role in my training process, and continues to make me stronger everytime I walk in the building. I’m seeing massive results that I would not be seeing without Effort. What makes Effort special to me are the friendships you make, and always having a good time while reaching my goals.

Jenna Lis – The Indiana Academy
I had heard about Effort two years ago from one of my basketball trainers. I went to Effort for rehab after I had sprained my ankle. I went there to rebuild strength and mobility in that ankle. Once I had completed rehab, I began training and strengthening my performance and endurance. It has helped me push myself to limits I have never reached before and to push myself to be the best athlete I can be. Effort is so special to me because Audric has transformed me into the athlete that I am today. He has taught me what it means to push yourself and to challenge yourself each and every day. If you put the effort and heart in, then he will put in the same amount or even a little more. Even though I am three hours away for school, I am doing satellite training and Effort is still right there with me

Meghan long – Lake Central High School 
I heard about Effort through a family friend and I’m so glad that I did. Effort has helped me realize what I can be. By that I mean my abilities and strengths in life. I tend to doubt myself a lot but Audric is always telling me that even though I am unable to do something right now doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do it in the future. He cares so much for his job and you can tell just by how involved he is in your life. He is always learning new things and going to training camps to better himself in his job to help us. He always answers honestly and gives the best advice. Even on days when I know training is going to be tough, Audric always makes it fun. Effort has definitely bettered my life and I’m thankful for it.

Taylor Menke – Andrean high school
what makes effort special to me is the family atmosphere. the support and strength that everyone gives off around you is contagious. just being in the building gives off a sense of community.
Caroline Puch – Lake Central highschool
Coming back from my second ACL surgery, I was nervous to return turn to play, but Audric not only gave me the confidence to resume playing, but also made me stronger and faster than before. Throughout my high school season, he was able to help me recover after strenuous games, allowing me to be back at peak performance and avoid injury. Overall, Effort Performance has made a tremendous positive impact on my game performance and ability to stay healthy on and off the field.
Savka Popovich – Marian Catholic Highschool
I heard about Effort from a friend. She was telling me about this great training place nearby and said I should join it as well. So far Effort has played a strong role in my recovery and my strength. During school ball season I wasn’t able to condition as much as I used to but I was able to come in for recovery. The recovery helped my shoulder a lot for it was hurting when I served and hit. It soothed the muscle so it wasn’t painful. I haven’t been with Effort for too long, but for the time I have been I have seen improvement in my strength and stamina as well. Effort is special to me because not only is it close to home, but it’s also a very nice place to train. You’re expected to put work in but it’s all on you to do it. I have used many of the stretches before my games as well and it has helped for loosening my muscles. It is also very well kept and never smells bad, so that’s always good.