Our Distance Sports Performance Program Consultation provides individuals, small groups, and entire sports programs with completely customized programs without having to travel to another location. Every workout provided is directly accessible through a smartphone using software that Effort: Performance & Rehabilitation will unlock for the athlete once signed up. All programs created are personalized to fit the needs of the athlete, with consideration to fitness level, sport played, and position in sport. Our software allows us to monitor, track, an provide feedback for every aspect of every workout while making real time adjustments. Our distance sports performance program consultation transforms the “cookie-cutter”/rigid strength and conditioning program into a fluid/adaptable program allowing athletes to make gains, eliminate plateauing, and prevent overtraining and injury. The major benefits of utilizing this software are:IMG_1223


• Check in during their workouts

• Keep accurate records of their workouts

• Keep accurate records of their health

• Communicate with strength coach

• Monitor fellow athletes progress

• Receive video explanations of exercises



• Allows staff to focus more on recruiting, game preparation, and coachingIMG_1225

• Check daily attendance

• Monitor strength gains

• Monitor athletes health

• Communicate with athletes

• Communicate with strength coach(es)

This system is not only a form of accountability but it allows the athlete to actively take their success into their own hands. Sign up today to receive your program!


How does it work?

• Once you sign up with our program you we will send you an invitation with a link to create a username and password

• Once you are logged in, check your calendar

• Inside your calendar will be a list of custom workouts designed to fit your needsIMG_1226

• When you are ready to work out, at your convenience ,click “Weight room view”

• From here you can input all of your workout information as you exercise/lift

• All of this information will be sent directly to your strength coach to review and modify before your next schedule session





(Distance Training only)

2 sessions a week ($80.00 monthly fee)

3 sessions a week ($120.00 monthly fee)

4 sessions a week ($160.00 monthly fee)


Pre-existing clients

If you are already a client receiving one-on-one training or group training and want to include a lifting program with your speed, vertical, or agility training, our distance program is for you. Because you are already a face to face client you an add this into your pre-existing package at a discounted rate:

2 sessions a week ($40.00 monthly fee)IMG_1224

3 sessions a week ($60.00 monthly fee)

4 sessions a week ($80.00 monthly fee)