Athletic Therapy and Recovery

Athletic Therapy is not your average rehab. Our process is about finding the cause of your injury, treating both the symptoms and the cause, strengthening your body through corrective exercises, educating you on how to reduce the risk of the injury from coming back, and bridging the gap between functioning and full activity. Private sessions, individualized treatments, and custom programming allow for unparalleled outcomes in minimal time.

We also provide recovery services for the elite athlete who is feeling sore or worn down from a hard workout, tough practice, or a long week/weekend of games and the weekend warrior who enjoys crossfit, marathons, cycling, or whatever your activity of choice may be. Our recovery services are designed to help you feel less like 50% and more like 100%. We accomplish this with an approach to treating you with all of our tools of recovery at our disposal listed below. Recovery is equally important to your training the better you feel, the better you train, and the better you perform.



We use customized applications of ROCKTAPE to increase tissue fluid dynamics, joint and muscle support, thus improving treatment outcomes.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is used to treat tissue restrictions, increase blood flow, and optimize tissue quality. It effectively allows clinicians to treat soft tissue until the rate of nerve firing achieves a more normal firing rate. All IASTM work is followed up with movement

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy utilizes cupping and magnets over inured areas. Inflammation thrives in acidic states. The magnetic cups raise the PH of the tissue to be more alkaline allowing more oxygen to the tissue to promote a better environment for healing.

Cupping Massage

Cupping uses suction from from cups to create negative pressure on tissue. It is used to soften tight muscles by calming down compressed nerves effectively depressing the nervous system to the affected area and lifting connective tissue to alleviate the densification of rough tissue while bringing hydration and blood to the bodies tissues, and move inflammation to the skin surface to allow the bodies lymphatic system to move excess fluids and toxins away from the affected area.

ANF Therapy

Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy is a holistic approach to pain that combines clinical examination and treatment with Amino NeuroFrequency discs to aid the body in its ability to address inflammation thus reduce pain.


Compex is a professional electrical stimulation system for sports purposes. The active recovery system eliminates lactic acid, increase blood flow, and simulates endorphin release through manipulation of difference electrical frequencies. Great for sports recovery of superficial muscles groups.


Percussion therapy is a great way to relax sore muscles and improve lymphatic circulation so that general aches and pains are less restricted by tight and rough tissue.

Movement Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis of posture, movement, and lifestyle helps us identify areas that contribute to increase injury risk and faulty movement patterns that decrease performance. Each session is then designed to address your specific needs.

Corrective Exercise

We combine your manual therapy and taping interventions with specific exercises tailored to create better stability and mobility to maximize your results.