Effort Performance & Rehabilitation is your one stop shop for all things rehabilitation,
recovery, and performance. We put our bodies under tremendous demands in life, the
weight room, at practice, and in the game. Much like any other well-oiled machine, we
have to provide it with the right parts, maintain it, and when/if a breakdown occurs fix
the issue accordingly. No one has the luxury of being out of commission or a step
behind the competition. The proper training, recovery, and rehabilitation means
everything to your success. At Effort we specialize in the bridging the gaps that exist
between prevention, performance, rehabilitation, wellness, nutrition, and recovery.


Our Mission

In it’s simplest form, our mission is to help you. Whether you are looking to live a healthier
lifestyle, be an elite athlete, or recover from an injury, our goal is to help you get there. To
achieve this mission we base what we do on three basic concepts:

1.) Provide an amazing experience
2.) Treat people like they matter
3.) Prioritizing optimization without sacrificing individualization

These concepts help us, help you. If you succeed then ultimately we succeed. Everyone
should be able to enjoy the gift of movement. It is our role to provide opportunities for you to
move better to be at your best.


Our Vision

Our vision to change the culture of one-size fits all to rehabilitation and performance alike. We
believe this can be accomplished by providing an environment that empowers our athletes and
staff to work together to help one another realize their potential and use evidence based
practices to continuously work towards it.

Recent changes to healthcare systems has caused a reduction in the quality of care in which
clinicians treat symptoms and not the underlying causes, people are rushed through
appointments, and insurance companies are dictating the services you receive, not your
healthcare provider. Meanwhile, the fitness industry has expanded so much that the quality of
fitness and performance training has suffered. Boot camps, and group strength training
programs are being performed without proper assessments, individualizations, or attention to
your specific needs. This often leads to either a lack of results or worse, injury.

Effort: Performance and Rehabilitation focuses on the details. We thoroughly examine how you
move with a movement analysis to determine the why behind whats limiting your performance.
Our analysis drives our approach to creating an individualized program that is safe, fun, and
effective to yield better results.



Our Values

At Effort our commitment to our patients, clients, team, and community is unrivaled. We
welcome each person as a part of our team and our family. Our team is focused on your
experience, satisfaction, and results. We believe in accountability for our actions in helping

every member of the Effort family. Which is why we ask just as much from ourselves as we do
our patients and clients. Our “never stop learning” approach gives us the ability to serve our
clients and patients best. Our combined effort will move you in the right direction toward your





Owner / Athletic Trainer

Email: Audric@effort-performance.com

Audric is a healthcare professional with with an abundance of experience in Sports medicine. He has worked at various levels from the high-school setting, industrial setting, to the professional sports setting. He has been an Athletic Trainer for professional baseball, hockey, and basketball for a combined total of 10 seasons. Throughout his career he has also provided sports performance programs for athletes that have helped them reach and exceed their goals. In the clinic he has successfully rehabilitated a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries that have allowed his patients to have healthy successful careers in sports as well as live normal healthy lives. An unrivaled passion for helping his patients and a wide spectrum of experience in healthcare gives him the ability to maximally benefit his patients.

ATC by NATA Board of Certification (BOC)
CES by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
PES by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Applied Movement Practitioner Level 2 by Applied Movement Neurology(AMN)
CSS by National Association of Speed & Power (NASE)
Personal Trainer by American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy by ANF Therapy
IASTM Certification by Fascial Movement Taping (FMT)
Massage Cupping & Medicupping by ACE Institute
CAFS by the Gray Institute
3DMAPS by the Gray Institute

Chloe Warren CPT

Chloe Warren CPT

Personal Trainer

Email: CWarren@effort-performance.com

Chloe Warren is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
She is currently finishing her Nutrition/Dietetics at Dominican University
in River Forest, Illinois. Chloe has been involved with athletics her entire life. This has given her advanced insight and understanding of the needs of her clients. Chloe has a passion for integrating nutritional guidance into fitness programs to maximize her clients results. Not only is she available to work one-on-one with people in the gym, she also makes 100% customized programs for online clients

CPT by American Council on Exercise (ACE)
IASTM certification by Fascial Movement Taping (FMT)
Kinesiology Taping Practitioner by Fascial Movement Taping (FMT)