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  •   I have gone to Audric on multiple occasions. Being a college athlete and taking a year off from playing volleyball, I needed to get back in shape with agility and performance. Every time I went in for training he was right there encouraging me to push harder. Audric was awesome with rehabbing my shoulder to 100%. He always made sure the exercises I was doing was never too much or causing any additional pain. I really liked how Audric explained why I was doing the different types of exercises along with stretches. I made a pretty quick recovery giving the fact that I could hardly raise my arm above shoulder length, and had a week set back. I highly recommend Audric for any type of work whether it's rehab, conditioning for a sport, or just for fun.

    thumb Robin Osmolski

      Well tailored therapy & treatment plan for rehabing my son's shoulder injury. Audric was in touch with my son's school coach and also the athletic trainer to ensure proper treatment and technique continued when he was released. We are very thankful for everything he has done for us!

    thumb Michelle Fuscoe

      Our hockey club used Audric for our pre-season off ice conditioning. It gave the players a great head start for the season.

    thumb Patti McGuire Hurtt
  •   Audric is very knowledgeable in his field. Great motivation and pushing you to be your personal best while maintaining a contagious smile on his face.

    thumb Jessica Haase

      We've seen Audric for many of my daughters aches and pains after Trampoline and Power Tumbling...he does a great job understanding the athlete and helping them move into the direction they desire. She likes him and is comfortable with him and we like that!

    thumb Lylli Woods Noonan

      I HIGHLY recommend Audric! I have been running in pain for a year, and after four weeks of rehabilitation with him, I am almost ready to run a marathon! Also, my daughter split her eyebrow open at gymnastics and he was immediately at her aid. Thanks Audric!

    thumb Angel DelVecchio-Mills
  •   Audric was great with my daughter when she sprained her ankle at gymnastics. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My daughter was back to flipping in no time thanks to Audric's treatment and rehab! We would definitely seek out his expertise if she's ever injured, again.

    thumb Melissa Ann

      Audric helped the Calumet College wrestling team in our pre-season conditioning with plyometrix and agility training. He used an intelligent diagnostic system to target areas that we needed to work on, and the results were quite noticeable by the end of our pre-season training period. He was on time and reliable in attendance to our 6AM workouts, despite some harsh weather. I recommend his help for any athlete looking to increase physical dexterity and intensity by a system that is testable and effective. Good work Audric, and thanks for helping me make it to nationals!

    thumb Tyler-Wayne McCoy

      Great off-ice hockey training program and injury rehab for our Bishop Noll Hockey players! Would highly recommend Audric and Effort Performance and Rehab.

    thumb Shannon Kaczur
  •   My sister and I worked out with Audric this summer every Thursday night. I'm a cheerleader while my sister is a hockey player; two completely different things, I know! Although me and my sister had completely different interests and completely different athletic abilities, Audric made sure I got what I needed and my sister got what she needed. Not only does he push you, but he encourages you and gives you great feedback. I love the fact that he also keeps track of your progress! In the process, we grew to become close with Audric and could laugh, joke, and mess around. Huge thank you to Audric for everything you've done for us this summer! Highly recommend going to him! I will definitely be going to him again soon!

    thumb Mackenna Evans

      Audric helps my athlete achieve her goals. He knows exactly how to maximize performance and check for weakness. Love the training!!

    thumb Elizabeth Gerette

      Audric-Effort Performance & Rehabiliation AWESOME dry land training to help Bishop Noll Hockey Team with their strengthing and conditioning. Hope to be back by you soon!! 💙💛🏒🥅

    thumb Angel Pearson Morgan
  •   My daughter has had numerous calf injuries, back strains and arm injuries over the past four years from playing college volleyball. Audric was great and took care of all of them. He is very knowledgeable and she likes his personality as well.

    thumb Diane Lukowski Osmolski

      I would highly recommend Audric! He has been a huge impact on my daughter. He has helped her with conditioning and with speed and technique with her running. He is an amazing trainer! Thank you Audric for all your hard work you put into your athletes!

    thumb Sheri Platusic

      Audric developed a great pre-season workout plan for my college wrestling team. He was there everyday to implement and walk them through each workout, including recording and tracking their progress throughout the program. I highly recommend Effort, and hope to have Audric back to work with our team again.

    thumb Ryan Rivera
  •   I have been working with Audric about almost a year now. He has helped me bounce back from minor injuries and I have gotten total progress playing on the soccer field! Highly recommend him.

    thumb Tabitha Marie Burrink

      Excellent work and rehab on many athletes for Midwest Training, definitely recommended!

    thumb Michelle Damore

      Audrick does a very good job in a lot of different ways. From coming up to lifting plans from conditioning, he definitely helps any athlete become stronger and better. He's also very involved in making sure injuries are prevented and lifts are properly done. He doesn't sugar coat anything and expects the most out of anyone he trains. Very good investment for any athlete.

    thumb Alondra Segoviano
  •   Knowledgeable and friendly staff had my little gymnast back on her feet and training super fast after her injury. 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!!!!

    thumb Melissa Albor

      Audric is really good at what he does and is very knowledgeable when it comes to training and rehab. He also is not afraid to say what needs to be said and is there when you need him. The workouts were challenging but productive and fun. I definitely got better as an athlete working with him in the off season and would recommend him.

    thumb Ciarra Ballislife Holloway

      I went in with sciatica and lower back pain at a level 8 the first night I saw Audric. I could barely carry my purse or walk upright. I left at a 2!!! Audric has always relieved my pain, taught me how to alleviate my pain through stretches and exercises. He has given my a renewed hope that I will be able to do what I love EXERCISE, walks, hikes, biking-I wouldn't be able to do this without his therapy. He is gifted, and he shares this with every person that comes through his door. He took care of my husband, and put him in the right direction also!!! I really was close to ready to give up doing all I love until I met Audric. Thank you!!

    thumb Susan Elizabeth Kowalski
  •   I met Audric last year at the Midwest training and Ice-Dyer. My daughter had an ankle injury from her grueling trampoline and cheer schedule. His patience, technique and treatment led her to a complete recovery. He gave her exercises for her to work on to improve strength at home between treatments with him. We still call him whenever we need sore or strained muscles tended to! He is professional, personable and I highly recommend him. Terri Sakelaris, MS, RDN, CDE-Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Community Hospital.

    thumb Terri Sakelaris

      Audric has been training the CCSJ wrestling team for 2 preseasons now, and all I can say are positive and amazing things about his program. Every day is something new, exciting, and challenging. We are a month into our regular season and the team has sustained absolutely No serious injuries. This is a testament to the rigor and attention that he puts in through the process. Audric holds complete professionalism and much understanding on the process to great performance and recovery. Two thumbs way up.��

    thumb Ramiro Rojas

      Audric and his staff are dedicated to helping injured athletes make a full recovery and return back to the sport they love!

    thumb Amanda Donovan
  •   Audric and his staff have done such a wonderful job helping my daughter, Kiersten, recover from a torn ligament and knee problems that occurred while playing multiple sports for the past 10 months. He helped her get back to playing sports through several physical therapy appointments and has showed her proper training techniques to prevent further injury. Audric and his staff are very professional and super friendly!

    thumb Chrissy Burczyk-Gora

      Audric trained my sister and I over the summer. It was the perfect way to keep me in shape. It really helped me improve and all of the coaches I know have noticed a difference. I highly recommend training with Audric.

    thumb Jadyn Evans

      Audric's services were awesome!! My son suffered a concussion in December playing hockey. Audric worked one on one with him until he could get back on the ice. Thx Audric!

    thumb Vanessa Saliaris Ames
  •   I have worked with Audric for both rehabilitation and sports performance training. Last fall, I strained one of my leg muscles and it was affecting my skating. After consistently doing the various stretches, exercises, and utilizing the graston technique to the muscle, the muscle strain decreased. Within a month or so I was feeling back to normal and haven't had any trouble since! I really enjoy Audric's sports performance workouts! They are developed for each individual athlete's goals based on which sport they are involved in. The workouts develop as you get stronger and more comfortable so he is always challenging you! I'd definitely recommend Audric, he's a great trainer!

    thumb Stephanie Peters

      What a knowledgeable guy, I would suggest him to any athlete looking to gain effective knowledge into sports performance.

    thumb Chanc Ravish

      Audric Warren was the Chi Town Shooters Head Athletic Trainer for 3 years. His knowledge, expertise, and individual patient attention were a vital part of the success of our team. He kept guys on the ice through preventative maintenance exercises and got the injured guys back into the line up and performing ahead of schedule nearly every time we had an injury. AAHL Champions Cup Champions 08-09 AAHL Regular Season Champions 08-09, 09-10

    thumb Philip Darren

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